About Us

DMC Highlands

As an Inbound travel agency and DMC for Scotland, we use our local expertise to develop exclusive experiences throughout Scotland.

A BespokeTravel Company

DMC Highlands is the Destination Management Company for services in Scotland. We are based in Inverness, the heart of the Highlands and Scotland. We are a division of Spirit Journeys Ltd an ATOL registered inbound/outbound travel agency and tour operator.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have expertise in arranging exclusive and unique tours in Scotland and beyond.
  • We have over 25 years’ experience in the travel trade
  • We bring creativity to our clients – whether it’s packaging existing tours in an appropriate manner or creating bespoke tours, we ensure the client experience comes first.
  • We’re a trusted travel and responsible holiday approved travel agency

So, tell us your story, your ideas…the rest is up to us. We know how to create the holiday of you or your clients’ dreams and we understand how to create that perfect combination of travel, accommodation and unforgettable experiences.

Our Tours:

We can offer you access to a wide range of tours or can create tailor made journeys – all this in order to organise the perfect time away – some examples are cultural tours, yoga/ wellness retreats, wildlife, trekking, juice retreats, golf tours, culinary tours, group tours, day excursions, whisky tours, archaeology tours, adventure tours, tailor-made tours. 

Scotland’s DMC

As an Inbound travel agency and DMC for Scotland, we use our local expertise to develop exclusive experiences throughout Scotland. Some of our existing portfolio includes Cultural, yoga/wellness/spa retreats, wildlife, birdwatching, golf, culinary, whisky, archaeology, half day and full day private tours, Outlander tours and Hidden paths of Scotland tours. We can also arrange specialised tailor-made tours, group tours, multi day tours, events, bespoke weddings and unforgettable honeymoons.

Responsible Tourism

Spirit Journeys team are one of the devoted followers of the responsible tourism concept. Our aim is to improve people’s lives in host countries. Throughout our tours, we are continuously developing responsible activities and support a wide range of projects that are making difference in these communities. We always hire local guides, promote local products, food, culture and customs.

Code of ethics for travellers

Cultural Understanding and Sensitivity

Travel with a genuine desire to learn more about the people of your host country. Acquaint yourself with local customs and be aware of the feelings of other people, thus preventing what might be intrusive behaviour on your part

Cultural Engagement and Language Learning

Your pre-trip research can be continued by asking questions while you are there. Any attempt to learn even a few words of the relevant language will make this a Isle of Harrismore rewarding experience for all involved.

Respecting Diverse Temporal Perspectives

Realise that often the people in the country you visit have time concepts and approaches different from your own.

Photography Etiquette and Respect

Don’t treat people as part of the landscape, they may not want their picture taken. Put yourself in their shoes, ask permission first, and respect their wishes. Many people love to see images of themselves so if you are somewhere remote with your digital camera then do show the locals the pictures you have just taken of them with the wonders of modern technology!

Keeping Promises Abroad

Do not make promises to people in your host country unless you can carry them through.

Environmental Responsibility and Wildlife Ethic

Ensure that your behaviour has no impact on the natural environment. Avoid picking flowers, removing seeds, damaging coral, and even buying souvenirs such as shells and skins. Understand that there can be no guarantees when it comes to wildlife, all sightings are a bonus.

Supporting the Local Economy with a Smile

Try and put money into local people’s hands: drink local beer or fruit juice rather than imported brands and buy and eat locally produced food. When you are shopping, even where bargaining is expected, do inject humour and remember a low price almost certainly means a lower wage for the maker.

Thoughtful Gift Selection Abroad

If you want to take gifts make sure they are appropriate (for example there are few dentists in remote communities, so sweets are not recommended).

Reconsidering the ‘Home Away from Home’ Experience

If you really want your experience to be a ‘home away from home’, it may be foolish to waste money on travelling!

Our Team

Our team consists of energetic, open minded people who with deal their job with devotion and creativity.

The owner, ours and yours, Julia MacLeay, has been organizing amazing journeys all over the world for more than 30 years. She deals with her job with great love, enthusiasm and energy from the first outlines to the finishing stage. Always open to listen to your ideas and needs, Julia creates an unforgettable journey. The result of her successful career is a vast range of worldwide satisfied clients. Organising unique and rare journeys is her forte.

As a recognition of devoted and successful work, Julia has also won the title of Scottish Honeymoon Planner in 2015.