The North Coast 500

500 miles of the best of the Highlands

The North Coast 500 is the newest driving sensation in the world. Modelled on the fabled Route 66 in the USA, the NC500 takes you around the very top of Scotland, visiting the nooks and crannies that would normally go unnoticed. You can self drive in a car, bike, motorbike or motorhome (RV) or enjoy a bespoke four day tour that includes a driver and tour guide.

On the way around this circular route you can enjoy some dolphin watching, catch a distillery or two, see some of the homes of the British Royal Family but most of all, enjoy some of the most remote and spectacular scenery in Europe. But first, you have to decide are you a clockwise or anti-clockwise person as the NC500 is a big circle. Starting in the city of Inverness, no matter which way you go, you’ll see the best of Scotland’s west, north and east coasts with plenty places to stop off and enjoy on the way. On the way you can travel up or down the famous Beallach na ba – the Pass of the cattle and one of the most challenging parts of the route. You’ll also pass the ancient towns of Wick and Ullapool, both named by the Vikings when they invaded here over 1000 years ago. And of course, pop in to see John O Groats, the starting and finishing point of to those that want to travel the United Kingdom from one end to the other.

But remember, the North Coast 500 is just a taster – already we’ve had visitors travel around it and immediately decide to come back to one or more areas that they’ve seen but haven’t had the chance to properly explore. Described by Pistonheads driving forum as having “awe-inspiring scenery as breathtaking as you’ll get anywhere on the planet” this is an experience that you or your clients cannot afford to miss.

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