The Capital of the Highlands

Situated at the top of the Great Glen where the waters of the Ness flow into the North Sea, what was once a sleepy town is now a vibrant tourist destination.  One of the fastest growing cities in Europe, Inverness is the ideal base for your Highland adventure and now a destination in itself.

Inverness was awarded city status in the year 2000 and has rapidly become the capital of the Highlands of Scotland. More than just an administrative hub, the city can be the centre of your visit to the Highlands – there’s lots of different accommodation and the transport links to the city belie it’s remote northern location. Right next door is the world famous Loch Ness where you can search for the fabled Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster and the city is also the start and finishing point of the North Coast 500 driving route. At the city’s harbour you can join dolphin spotting tours – a huge family of dolphins live in the sea right next door to Inverness – or you can enjoy the view from the castle situated right in the city centre.

Also close by are Culloden Battlefield and the Clava Cairns. Both these scheduled ancient monuments are steeped in history but have more recently become famous again through the success of the Outlander TV series and books where they are central to this Highland love story. Less well known is the fact that Inverness was the home to the real MacBeth’s castle. Made famous in Shakespeare’s play, it’s an easy walk to Auldcastle Road, the site of the King’s castle in the Highlands

With accommodation to suit all pockets, you’ll be ready to enjoy the night life, join in with some traditional highland culture and visit haunted pubs and world class restaurants. We can set you up with everything you need in our own home city of Inverness – a destination not to be missed.

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