Hidden Scotland

Let us take you to these places you never knew existed and you’ll never forget…

There’s much more to Scotland than the everyday tourist brochures will tell you. If you come with us, you’ll see the real hidden Scotland – the fabulous sandy beaches……that are 50 miles from the nearest sea – and crystal clear waters in hidden water pools deep in the hills that you can have a quick dip in. Nearby are the huge power stations that give electricity to the whole of the UK, but are only powered by water from lakes hidden deep in the mountains of the highlands.

There are formal gardens that have tropical plants growing in them year round and you can visit real life rain forests without heading to the jungle. What about the history? Yes, we’re known for the majesty of Edinburgh Castle and the horrific aftermath of the battle of Culloden – but let us take you to see where an army preacher persuaded his commanding officer to put 300 prisoners of war to their death by pushing them off a cliff or find your way to the site of the real Macbeth’s castle hidden in plain sight in a town centre.

There’s also the industrial heritage – remember it was Scots who invented the steam engine, the phone and the TV. Then there’s the military history but we can show you the place that made the cannon balls for Admiral Nelson’s famous victory at the Battle of Trafalgar or take you deep underground to the largest underground storage tanks ever made – now empty, these were recently used to create the longest echo in the world… Then there are all the other underground tours – complete medieval streets that are hidden deep below modern buildings or ghostly railway tunnels and stations that haven’t seen a train or a passenger in decades. This is our small but fascinating country – come with us to discover a Scotland that you didn’t know existed.

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