A land of sorrows and spectacular beauty

Come with us to Glencoe and see some of the most rugged countryside that Scotland has to offer. Guarded by 3000 foot mountains on either side, this was the site of the infamous massacre in 1692 when government troops murdered their MacDonald hosts after enjoying their hospitality – this in many ways is Scotland’s valley of sorrows.

From the south, you approach the famous glen over the Moor of Rannoch, a vast peat bog hemmed in by huge mountains.  Passing the Kings House hotel, you enter the glen properly – it was in this hotel that Sir Sean Connery bought all the extras in the Highlander movie series a drink as they’d all worked so well together. Off to the west is the picturesque Glen Etive, the location for James Bond’s Skyfall – pop along this road for a few minutes and soak in the scenery.

As you come into Glencoe proper, your first sight is the view that made the road through the valley voted by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson as one of the finest drives in the world. Stop at the roadside and see the majestic barren landscape rising almost vertically on two sides from sea level to over 3000 feet.

With our guides you can stop off and see the lost valley where those who escaped the famous massacre hid from their pursuers or you can come right up to date and see more locations in the Glen used in recent James Bond and Harry Potter films. Further down the glen is a visitor centre where the whole story of the animosity between the clans is told and then at the foot of the valley is the beautiful Glencoe village – with its hotel proclaiming above the door “No Hawkers or Campbells.” Then as you head towards the Great Glen and leave Glencoe, turn back and marvel at the splendour of the scenery pall packed into a dew short miles.

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