The gateway to the islands and much more

We’ll take you on a journey you’ll never forget when you come with us to Argyll, Scotland. With its ancient sea ports, craggy mountains and hidden sea loch inlets, every corner you turn leads to another fabulous vista. From the golden beaches of the Mull of Kintyre to the many, many islands just off shore and then the bustling towns of Oban and Dunoon, Argyll has something for everyone who visits Scotland – castles, distilleries; even a hollow mountain and rainforests.

Here in Argyll, the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired by the real life Appin murder to write the multi-selling book Kidnapped. In the real story, James Stewart of the Argyll village of Appin was wrongly accused and hanged for a murder he didn’t commit – you can visit the site where his skeleton was left hanging from the gallows as a message to others. They say that his descendants are still out for revenge to this day

Argyll is also home to Oban, the seafood capital of the UK where you can enjoy freshly cooked food that’s just been delivered from the sea. Also from Oban, you can join in some of the best sailing experiences in Europe – and of course, it gives you a welcome that you’ll never forget.

And near Tayvallich, Argyll some of the best examples of temperate rainforests can be found. Unlike their tropical cousins, you probably won’t find them too hot to handle but you can be sure that you’ll be visiting some of the most unique eco systems on the planet.

If you like your history, then make sure to visit Argyll’s Kilmartin Glen. Here you can visit the remains of settlements inhabited by humans thousands of years ago – some of the first people to visit Scotland after the last ice age settle here. You can also sit on top of the historic fort at Dunadd and place your foot into the carved footprint that the ancient Kings of Scotland would also have done when they were crowned King of Scotland.

Visit Argyll with us – it’s got it all.

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