Highlands of Scotland

The true heart of the country

Welcome to our homeland and let us be your host in some of the most spectacular, yet accessible countryside in the world. It’s not for nothing that visitors have made their way to the Scottish Highlands for centuries – to marvel at snow covered mountains, sleepy hamlets, historic castles and more. Enjoy the crisp clear air as you try some hill walking, mountain biking or in the winter you can try some skiing.

So, where exactly are the Highlands? Well, if you head north of the city of Perth in – the Highlands has a little something for everyone and when you go to head home, you can be assured that you’ll be leaving a little of your heart behind in our very own home. It’s an area bigger than the country of Belgium and was originally home to a war like people called Picts. Since then, we’ve had Romans, Vikings and the Celts all join us here leaving a rich history for you to explore.

But it’s not just history that you can enjoy here in the Scottish Highlands – we’re home to some of the more famous whisky brands, some of the world’s top golf courses and of course, the best hill walking and mountain climbing in the United Kingdom. You can also enjoy spectacular touring holidays – the famous North Coast 500 driving route takes you through 500 miles of open countryside but with glimpses of the sea and great mountains as a backdrop. You can also try some of the best adventure tourism breaks on the planet or just drop by for a spot of old fashioned salmon fishing. On the other hand, find a traditional hotel with some fine local food and just enjoy a quiet break with only the sound of the local wildlife to remind you where you are. We’ve got something for everyone in the Scottish Highlands, that’s why it’s one of the must see holiday destinations in the world.

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