Easter Ross

Golf courses, distilleries and home to the 10th century’s biggest Scottish trading port – it’s all in Easter Ross.

In a land where the Highlands meet the North Sea, you’ll find plenty to see and do in Easter Ross. Home to the ancient Scottish Pictish nation, you can visit their main place of worship, hidden under a modern day Christian church at Tarbat in the county or look out for the many carved standing stones that this ancient race left behind. Or if it’s something more active, you can take in some golf on courses designed by the famous Old Tom Morris while enjoying a dram at one of the region’s many distilleries.

As you come over the Cromarty Firth from the Black Isle to Easter Ross, you’ll also see some of Scotland’s modern heritage – large oil rigs at anchor, waiting to make their way to the next find in the North Atlantic but looking down on them, you can also stretch your legs and walk up the 1000 feet to the improbably named Gates of India on top of Fyrish Hill. In Tain, the capital of the county and give royal patronage in 1066, take some time to learn about the old pilgrimage route taken by King James IV of Scotland and others to see the resting place of St Duthac, the patron saint of the area.

The county can also be explored as part of the North Coast 500 driving route or you can stay in the area and enjoy spectacular beaches or even climb Nigg cliffs, where fossils of ancient sea creature abound. While driving, nip over the Struie road and stop by the ‘million dollar’ viewpoint. It’s at little known places like this that you’ll see why the county is a destination in its own right

A region of its own with real hidden gems, Easter Ross is a must see destination on your trip to the Highlands.

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