Islands of Lewis and Harris

Located right on the top right hand edge of Europe, you won’t be disappointed when you visit the largest of the Outer Hebrides

More than just one island Lewis and Harris (yes, they’re joined together) each offer wildly different scenery and experiences. Sitting right at the top of the Hebridean Archipelago, these largest of the island chain that sits out in the Atlantic can take your breath away around each and every corner.

On Lewis, make sure that you go visit the Stonehenge of the North – the famous Callanish Stones. A huge stone circle built to last by an ancient tribe, the standing stones line up to the sun, moon and stars to form a vast astronomical calendar. We don’t really know why it was built but we do know that it’s said that if you put your hand on the stones and feel them to be warm, even in the middle of winter, you’re directly connecting to the peoples of the past.

Enjoy the hospitality of the ancient fishing port of Stornoway, the largest town in the Hebrides and while you’re there, take time to visit the recently refurbished Lews Castle, now an award winning museum that plays host to some of the Lewis Chessmen – ancient Norse chess pieces that were found hidden in a sand dune on of the island’s many beaches.

Then catch a look at the thousands of lochs that make up the inland area of Lewis and while you travel south be amazed at the vast mountains of Harris that appear to rise directly out of the Atlantic Ocean. But it’s the beaches that will take your breath away. Vast stretches of pure white sand with crystal clear water and nobody else about to spoil the atmosphere. One to visit is Luskentyre beach on Harris which regularly beats the Caribbean on lists of the best in the world – for this alone, it’s worth crossing to this remote but beautiful of Scotland

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